Transfusions and Magical Powers

Over the last week I’ve felt less nauseous but definitely more fatigued. Had some other symptoms that sent me to the doctor yesterday. Hindsight, I should have gone to the doctor last week. But honestly, with chemo, it’s hard to know what to call the doctor about and what to endure. There were definitely some side effects that are different this time around. Luckily I have a wonderful oncologist who is very much on top of all of this. We think the majority of the delayed reactions were to the Carboplatin. But just to make sure, she’s upping the steroids a bit for future infusions, in hopes of managing those side effects.

My heart was racing pretty much every time I stood up. Once I would lay down it would settle. And the fatigue has been so much I didn’t even feel like typing. Well it turns out there was a reason, my red cell count is really low. So today I’ll have a blood transfusion before chemo. That can take up to 5 hours, then chemo – so long day at the infusion center! Luckily I’m only receiving Taxol for chemo today. This will also help us to see if there are any similar reaction with only the one drug.

Little nervous about the transfusion, but mostly because I’ve never had one. But my mind has been put to ease a bit by the many friends that have had them. And assurances of how it will help my energy level. That, and a few jokes of maybe I’ll get the blood of someone with magical powers… :)

Thank you to all who donate blood!! Lots of love to everyone today!

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