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March 2015

  • Breast Cancer

    Birthday Love

    The love I felt today from sweet friends was overwhelming… My corner of the world was decorated today and I couldn’t be more grateful. For the past four months, I’ve laid in…

  • Breast Cancer

    The High Five

    It was the Monday, December 8th, the day before I started chemo. And my nerves were completely shot. Totally afraid of the crazy concoction of chemicals that were about to be put…

  • Breast Cancer

    Therapy Dog

    When I go in for chemo, there are actually some lovely things that happen at the infusion center. The doctors and nurses are wonderful. There are also very sweet volunteers who take…

  • Breast Cancer

    That Moment

    This is a hard one to write. It’s personal, it hurts, but talking to a sweet friend yesterday, I realized it’s important to share. Unfortunately someone else will have “that moment” in…

  • Breast Cancer

    It Takes a Village

    Does it take a village? Yes it does. This whole process has been really difficult and will continue to be difficult for a while. And what makes it easier? All y’all. My…