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May 2015

  • Breast Cancer

    Chemo Brain

    So excited! My first post for Cancer Knowledge Network, on chemo brain, published last week! #chemo #brain #cancer

  • Breast Cancer

    Swimsuits and No Boobs

    Ah spring and summer! I love the longer days, the heat and humidity, everything blooming and green, being barefoot, and taking the kids to the pool and beach. And this year I…

  • Breast Cancer

    Re-entering the Atmosphere

    Mom went home today and we all miss her. Daisy even seemed sad she was leaving. So we are entering our new normal and I have to admit, I was a little…

  • Breast Cancer

    For Mom..

    Mom… Thank you seems inadequate for all you have done for us. You are the glue that has held us together for the last six months. You are the reason that the…

  • Breast Cancer


    See, there’s this path I was on for a bit. It was difficult, frustrating, nauseating, annoying, stressful and painful, yet with beauty and love wrapped up in it. Like a weird, uncomfortable…