For Mom..

Mom… Thank you seems inadequate for all you have done for us. You are the glue that has held us together for the last six months. You are the reason that the kids have been able to flourish throughout this tough time. You have given all of us constant, unwavering love. You pushed everything else aside to take care of us. You have given the kids a soft cushion of love and support and consistency when I couldn’t and when they needed it the most. Even though it was such a hard time in all of our lives, the kids will look back on this time with such affection, because of the time spent bonding with you.

Thank you. For everything. For raising Craig and I in such a sweet and loving environment. For your unconditional love of all of us, especially all of your grand kids. For all of the home cooked meals. For teaching us how to love. For putting up with my teenage years and strong-willed grumpy days. For all the hard rock concerts you endured so my friends and I could go. For all of the beach time and camping trips. For holding our hands and hearts throughout this cancer treatment. For understanding when I freaked out over a toilet paper holder. For making sure the kids were up and dressed and fed and ready for school for the last six months. For all the hours spent helping kids with homework. For tucking the kids in at night when I couldn’t. For taking the kids to your house so we could have some down time. For understanding and forgiveness. For all of the love. For just being you.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! We all love you so much…

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