Re-entering the Atmosphere

Mom went home today and we all miss her. Daisy even seemed sad she was leaving. So we are entering our new normal and I have to admit, I was a little nervous.

Physically speaking, I’m tired. And probably will be tired for awhile. As much as I don’t want to be tired and would love to have my pre-chemo energy level back, I need to be realistic and accept the fact that fatigue is part of this deal. I listen, intently, to all the women who have walked this path before me. Their words are like spun gold to me and I absorb everything I can from these amazing women. And all have said that fatigue is part of this journey. And readjusting to life after cancer treatment isn’t easy.

Jason and I were talking the other night and he was also nervous about mom leaving. And it hit me – it’s kinda like the spaceship re-entering the atmosphere. When I was diagnosed with cancer, we were on the spaceship being shot out into space on this weird mission. We circled chemo, crash landed into surgery, dodged radiation and now we are headed back to earth. As we re-enter the atmosphere, it could be bumpy, there is a chance we could burst into flames, lose some of the heat shield and buzzers and bells may be going off all over the place. But eventually we will land, unbuckle our seat belts, step outside and breathe in our new normal.

Minus just missing mom and being tired, today went great. Our goal for the next week is get the kids to and from school and fed. I’m thinking we should be able to accomplish that. It’s good for us to have this time together as well. So here we go, the four of us on our spaceship, slowly entering the atmosphere, bumping along and eager to see where we are going to land.

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