From Where I Stand #fwis

#fromwhereistandIf you’ve been on Instagram, then you have probably seen the hashtag #fromWhereIStand or #fwis and LOTS of photos of feet all over the world. There is something intriguing about the stories that go with these feet. Some folks hate them, some love them. I happen to be a lover.

From where I stand today. Today these 41 year old feet have traveled and survived. The road hasn’t always been easy. They have walked me through wonderful moments with my husband, kids, family and friends. They have also walked me through some of the most trying times of my life.

They walked me through a really wonderful childhood. They walked many a mile in the woods, creeks, mountains and beaches of my childhood. They walked me through really really fun times on go-carts and four-wheelers. They walked me through the mud every time I got my go-cart stuck.

They have also walked me through an abusive relationship when I was a teen. Or in other words, we walked to hell and back. They walked me through it and walked me right on out of it. They walked me through the depression that followed.

They walked me right up to my future husband on a very fun night and danced the night away with us. They walked me through many fun years of dating Jason. They walked me down the isle on our wedding day. And they somehow didn’t kick the preacher in the middle of the ceremony when he read that damn verse about submission that we asked him not to.

They walked Jason and I through our first years of marriage where we had a lot of fun and learned so much about ourselves and each other. They walked me through two pregnancies, two beautiful children and two postpartum depressions. They walked the halls soothing a colicky baby and through the sleepless baby and toddler years. They walked me up to Jason when our youngest turned 5, and we high-fived because we made it through those non-sleep years.

They have walked me through meeting some of my very best friends. They will walk me somewhere coastal with these friends that I fully intend to grow old with, Golden Girls style. They have walked me through many nights out, phone calls and texts where we have cried as well as laughed with until I peed on myself.

They have walked me through the trials and tribulations of life. They have walked me through navigating motherhood, and the constant feeling like I’m floundering with it all. They have walked me through the many, many realizations in life.

Most recently, they walked me through breast cancer, chemotherapy and surgery. And now they are walking me through surviving and enjoying time with Jason and the kids. These feet. They are getting stronger. And I love them. They carry me. And I appreciate them.

So #fwis today, these feet are about to jump off the pier into water where I can’t see the bottom. I’ve struggled with wanting to see the bottom. To know, without a doubt, that there is a soft sandy bottom and no crabs to pinch my feet. But that’s the thing. We can’t see the bottom, and we shouldn’t. Because we wouldn’t learn the lessons we need to, nor go the places our feet take us, if we could always see where we were going.

Love your feet. Love your story. Love yourself.

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