Let’s Play

imageA conversation with a sweet friend of mine a few weeks ago really stuck with me and has me thinking. She said that adults don’t play enough. We lose our mobility and flexibility because we don’t play. Imagine if there were playgrounds built for adults. When did we stop playing?

I’m sitting outside on a glorious summer day. The humidity left our little town over night and 85 degrees feels phenomenal. The kids are playing outside with friends. Playing, running, making potions, mixing flowers and sidewalk chalk and blackberries to make their own paint, tying daylily stems together to make toys, sword fighting (Nerf, mind you) and using their imaginations.

We place a lot of value of unstructured playtime around here. It is so important for kids and their developing brains. It teaches them to think for themselves. It teaches them how to be comfortable with down time and to use their own creativity. While outside, it teaches them to connect with nature. And when playing with other kids, it teaches them to work out their differences.

But this post isn’t FOR the kids, it’s inspired BY the kids. I took this photo of my daughter and immediately thought to myself, “Oh to be a kid in the summer again!” And then what Aimee said hit me. Adults just don’t play enough.

So my challenge to you adults is this: get out and play. Do something outside or inside your comfort zone that makes you gloriously happy. Jump on the trampoline with the kids, and if you pee your pants, keep on jumping. Run a little or a lot, but do it for the fun of it. Swing on a swing. Hang from the monkey bars. Skip down your driveway. Even if it’s just for a minute. Allow yourself to be a kid. Giggle. Stretch. Give yourself a few minutes during the day to play. Even if you have to plan it.

At the moment, I’m having a tired day, but I’m enjoying being out here with the kids. And I’m currently sporting three to four temporary tattoos, a handmade flowered headband and matching bracelet. And as soon as I have the energy, I think I’ll leap through the backyard.

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