I Freaking Ran a Lap!

shanHappy_0522Yep, I did it! Ran one whole lap around the high school track.

This summer, on Saturday mornings at 8am, Michelle Andersen from Crozet Running and Melissa Miller from M2 Personal Training have been holding training for the Charlottesville Women’s 4 Miler. We have a small team (Team Crozet) and a few folks that come every Saturday to work up to running or walking four miles. I’m a walker, will be walking in the race and just doing as much as I can.

Due to not sleeping so good some nights, I didn’t set my alarm clock for Saturday morning as I never know what each night will hold. Kinda like with a newborn. Only there’s no baby and it’s just me burning up from a hot-flash, possibly standing outside on my back porch at 4 o’clock in the morning, in my undies eating a chicken salad sandwich. Well, like I said, you just never know what the night will hold…

So, back on track here… I woke up at 7:55, drank a quick cup of coffee, ate some cereal and headed out to the track around 8:30am. One friend was still there. So we caught up on everything going on in our lives right now and walked a few laps. When she left, I kept walking because I was determined to walk 2 miles. And then I got curious. Would my body completely revolt if I ran just a little?

Let’s clarify this whole “running” thing. I am not a runner, never have been. And when I do, I’m incredibly slow, more like a trotty-jog. It’s okay that I’m slow, because that’s me. And, if we are being really honest here, I don’t love cardio. But I do it because it’s good for you and it totally makes me feel better physically and mentally.

As I round the track toward the bleachers, I think why not. I’ll trotty-jog for the length of the bleachers. So I did it and kept on going for a quarter of the track. Walking the rest of the lap, and proud of myself, I reach the bleachers again. Alright, let’s do this. I’m going to trotty-jog until my body says “Whoa!” So I set out, carefully breathing, at my very slow pace and I DID IT! I made it one lap around the track. I walked one more to cool down and headed home feeling quite proud of myself.

I’m not at the point of being able to exercise like I did before treatment and I’m still seriously listening to my body. But I see those wonderful women who have navigated these breast cancer waters before me that are now exercising, running, walking, yoga-ing, paddle boarding, etc… And I’m ready to be there. This was a baby step, yet such a huge step in that direction for me. I am sooo looking forward to the day when I’m back in bootcamp classes (with my fav instructor and women!). But in the mean time, as I have been, I’ll continue to listen to my body but pushing myself a little when I think I can. Cause you just never know what you can do until you try!

** Click here to help our team and donate to the Charlottesville Women’s 4 Miler. The race is to raise money for UVA Cancer Center’s Breast Care Program. Thank you all who have donated and supported and running with Team Crozet! See you on race day!

For all my other trotty-joggers out there – much love to you all!

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  • Reply Ferry September 19, 2015 at 1:38 am

    I am so glad to see another bogelgr participating in the Breast Cancer Awareness month! :)Besides going pink, I will also try to create and spread the awareness on breast cancer throughout the month.

  • Reply Saundra August 16, 2015 at 6:15 pm

    NEW BEGINNINGS! You just can’t beat ’em! Congrats, Lady!

  • Reply Kim August 16, 2015 at 3:47 pm

    :) <3 will trotty-jog with you any time! Rock on, girl :)

    • Reply Shannon August 16, 2015 at 5:02 pm

      Thanks Kim – right back atcha! :)

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