Breast Cancer

Getting our Groove Back

Oh boy, this weekend. Well, we aren’t exactly doing what we planned to do. But in a good way, I’ll get back to that in a minute…

This weekend is the Charlottesville Women’s Four Miler. Where 3,400 women are running and walking and have been fundraising to support UVA’s Cancer Centers Breast Care Program. And this year, our little team is running in my honor. It is both humbling and heavy. Let’s be honest here, you really don’t ever want a team in your honor – because that means you have or have had cancer. But our team has sweet, wonderful women who are doing this all for the right reasons. I think we’ve done a pretty good job fundraising for just pulling together at the beginning of the summer! And I have lots of sweet friends that will be running and walking and it is such a wonderful thing.

But we won’t be at the race this year. This year we are getting our groove back. Or freaking trying as hard as we can to get it back. And sometimes that means you miss out on a really great event because you finally have the energy to take your favorite road trip. That spur of the moment, last minute trip to Vermont to see friends that we haven’t seen in two years and spend time with one of my BFFs and her family.

Why would I miss the race for this trip? Because I need it. The kids need it. Our souls need this trip. I need this trip every year. Heading north is one of my favorite things to do during summer. And this year we need it more than we ever have. I packed the van this morning and just stood there and smiled. It filled my heart already, just knowing we were heading out. It makes Jason’s heart happy when I walk in the room and announce, “Thinking about going to Vermont tomorrow. You good with that?” Simply because I’m getting back to me. And that’s usually how these trips happen. Oh, it’s Tuesday? Yes, let’s go!

See, a big piece of my heart lives in Vermont, and it always will. Jason and I loved our time up north. We grew into (semi-mature) adults up there. We figured out how to do it all on our own up there. We figured out how to parent, how to relax and how to enjoy life, when we lived up there. We learned when you meet someone, that it’s more interesting and important to ask someone what they like to do, instead of what they do for a living. We met some amazingly wonderful people up there who are life long friends. We still talk about moving back one day. And we miss it. A lot. Well, other than February – April. Yeah, I don’t miss that time of year. Like, at all.

When we pulled out of the neighborhood, my road warrior kids waved goodbye to our little town and I got choked up because this trip is actually happening. No more treatments holding me back from living life. I honestly thought it would be next year before I felt up for this. I absolutely love our town, but I gotta go. And I can finally take this trip that I have longed to take all summer and I am so incredibly grateful.

So ladies, I love you all! And I’ll be wearing my CoxCrew sticker on Saturday morning and cheering you all on from just a little farther away. Run like the wind! Or walk or just stand there and cheer someone else on! Just do what you do and know that even though we aren’t there, I appreciate each and every one of you. And to my fellow breast cancer survivors and friends going through treatment… Keep moving forward, one step at a time. Y’all all have such a special place in my heart.

Much love,

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