Hawk Hair

Losing your hair is one of the most obvious outward and physical signs that you are going through chemotherapy. Some struggle with the hair loss, some don’t. But when it starts grows back, it’s usually quite a relief. So 9 months out of chemo, here is where we are at…

Lovely hair on Adam. Me? Not so much... ;)

For real y’all, I looked JUST like this!

I thoroughly enjoyed my bald head. Just didn’t like the reason that I had it. As my hair is growing back, I’m enjoying having it. Totally appreciate it more and the warmth it provides during winter!

There was, however, a few weeks where I STRONGLY resembled Adam Sandler. My hair is growing in darker and super curly. Like, it will curl around my finger. It was always wavy, but nothing like this. I really like the curls – but was just too short to work with. Hence the looking like a young Mr. Sandler on SNL.

I desperately needed a haircut that didn’t remind me of the fact that my hair is “growing back.” That every time I look in the mirror, even though it truly didn’t look that bad, it was just one more reminder of the past year.

My sweet friend Jen encouraged me to go with a mohawk – because really, what else are you going to do with it when your hair just wants to stand up on your head? So I did some googling, found some bad-ass hair styles and headed to the salon! Having no idea how it would look, I was so happy with the result! I just desperately needed something drastic and different. (Yary @ Face Value is the real-deal-Holyfield, btw…). I left feeling like a new woman.

So at this point, my hair is cooler than I am. But that’s all good with me, because cool has never really been my thing. So I’m rocking the mohawk for a while and totally enjoying it! The kids (and I agree) it needs some color… So, maybe blue? We’ll see!

Much love,
Shannon & her Hawk

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