Great Job Mamma Card

BuzzFeed! For real?

Great Job Mamma CardY’all! The other day I sat down at my computer after a fun day out with the kids. There were a couple of greeting card orders to fill. So I logged onto my little Etsy store and was totally surprised at what I saw. There, in my stats, were a bunch of views from BuzzFeed. Say what?

Hopeful that it was something positive, but nervous that it was some kind of bad press (omg, why do our minds always go to the worst thing possible?) I started clicking around. And found that it linked to this lovely post on “15 Cards Every Daughter Should Send Their Mum” from the UK. Keep on scrolling, and scroll some more, I’m card #14 “Great Job Mamma” (click here to find it in our little Etsy store).

I couldn’t believe it! My sweet little card was featured across the pond, and I haven’t done any PR other than posting on social media. Well, God save the queen! ;) I jumped out of my chair and high-fived my husband!

So here’s to overcoming fear and putting yourself out there. To trying something different and actually enjoying what you do for a living. Stay tuned for a blog post later today on why you should “Just Try.” And we will definitely be adding some more Mother’s Day cards soon!

Many thanks to Ailbhe Malone (the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed in London) for featuring my card and linking to our store.

Much love to you all!

buzzfeed1 * Holy crap! BuzzFeed! Just a wee tad excited over here…



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