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Check your boobs!

Check your boobs!

So today I had a check up with my breast surgeon. Every six months I’m back in her office. She examines my chest, arms, lymph nodes and scars. We talk about what’s going on, any questions or concerns, things to look for and then she said the words I love to hear… “Everything looks great!”

Omg. I can breathe again.

And I didn’t even realize I was holding my breath.

But that’s how these appointments go. You worry. Whether it’s at the forefront of your mind or in the back, you just worry. And that’s part of living with what we have been through. Next week I’ll return to my oncologist for a check up. There’s some worry there too, but I was just in her office a few weeks ago, so my worry isn’t quite as great with this appointment.

This is the cycle for the next few years. Every few months I’m back to see my wonderful doctors to make sure all is well. I don’t love waiting for these appointments, but once I’m there, I feel a tremendous amount of comfort.

And now? We keep on living. Making the most of everyday. Thankful for each day. And maybe have a meltdown here or there to release the worry and emotions that we (read: I) was holding in. Which makes me even more thankful for Jason, and for sweet friends who watch the kids so I can go to the doc and have a few moments to myself to process my thoughts.

imageSo here is your friendly, or your not-so-friendly-kind-of-demanding-reminder. Do your self breast exam. Right now. Step away from the computer, put your iPad/tablet/phone down and do it. I still have to check my chest for lumps and you should too! Not sure what to do? It’s easy – click here for a guide from breastcancer.org on how to perform a self breast exam.

And schedule your mammogram. If you have dense breast tissue, ask about 3-D mammography. If you feel a lump, head straight to a breast surgeon to get it checked out. Early detection is key. Chances are, it’s all good. But if for some reason it isn’t, I’ll be right here for you. And men, you don’t get out of this one – check your breasts! You have breast tissue too, ya know.

Much love,

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  • Reply Wendy March 17, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    Hey Shannon,

    So happy to hear you received encouraging news from your appointment! I had my mammogram yesterday and I remembered that you mentioned 3D in a previous blog. So, since I have dense breast tissue and fiber cystic disease I requested 3D; irregardless if my insurance company pays for it or not (which I don’t know yet). I couldn’t help but think of you, Michelle Cable, Dori Hilliard and Kristi Roland while I was in the waiting room. Last year I took a picture of me sitting in the waiting room, wearing one of your Team Cox bracelets and posted it on Facebook. I’m so thankful that 2016 is promising good health for all of us. :)

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