Cancer can kiss my Ass

Cancer can kiss my ass. And it IS an asshole. Because it’s just really awful.

Like that asshole of a person who bullies you around or pushes their way into your life, that you really don’t want or need in your life. Cancer feels that way. Because it invades your body and you totally don’t want it there. Because it has the ability to totally take over your life in really awful ways. You mind and your body.

It’s just an asshole. And cancer can kiss it.

Since cancer was such a huge part of my life in 2015, it’s also how these cards came to be. I also had several request for this type of card from customers. And finally decided to add more cancer cards to our shop. (Find all our cards @

These cancer cards are tough for me. I absolutely love making cards that help people say what is difficult to say. And we want to make more. I also love creating simple designs, with simple statements that are inspiring and uplifting. But every time a “cancer card” is ordered, my heart aches a little because that means someone else has cancer. Or someone will share that they are purchasing for their mom or sister or friend, and I might tear up. And many times, I wonder to myself if I should sell them in the shop…

But the very moment that thought pops into my head, my next thought is this –  “Creating this card did not cause folks to get cancer. These cards are pure and simply helping put smiles on a few faces of cancer patients all over this country (and UK and Australia, apparently).” So I take a breath, package up the card(s), all the while knowing that I’m hopefully helping brighten someone’s day.

And just yesterday, a sweet customer ordered a few cancer cards and with her one simple statement I knew I needed to keep doing what I’m doing…

She said, “Thank you for making these cards.”

Y’all. My heart was touched and uplifted beyond what I can explain. Our simple little cards said what someone needed to say and what someone else needed to hear.

I kinda think this applies to a lot in our lives. You keep on, keeping on. Life throws things at you that are really shitty sometimes. But you march on and move forward the best you can. Those things change you and change your perception of the world. So you keep on. And while you are keeping on, do the most good that you can.

So brighten someone’s day. Send them a card, a note, a text, a facebook message, snapchat or just a POSITIVE comment – just send them some love to let them know you are thinking of them. You never know how much your words mean to someone else. And don’t second guess yourself, just do it. You won’t regret it.

Much love & stay positive my friends,

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