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August 2016

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    Birthdays and cell phones!

    Happy Birthday to this wonderful 12 year old!!! She may be just a little excited to get a phone… A video posted by Shannon Cox (@sjkted) on Aug 30, 2016 at 4:35pm…

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    As a friend of mine is walking into her first chemotherapy infusion today, it’s got me thinking about courage. See, it takes courage to walk into chemo. Even though that chemo is…

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    The Love Challenge

    It’s been all over Facebook recently, the “Love” challenges. Love your spouse, love your family, love your friends, love your dog. And when I had friends who reached out to me, I…

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    Summer and Roses and MRI’s

    Summer… If I could drink up summer and absorb it in every pore in my body, I would. I love it. The heat, the warmth, the green, the flowers, the wildlife, cold…

  • LoveYourself

    Love Yourself Where You Are At

    Sometimes your best-friend says something and it resonates and sinks directly into your heart. To the depth of your soul. You blink. It takes a minute to process. Then you say, “Yes.…

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    Aerial Yoga

    Some days you find yourself moving along with life and feeling pretty good. Which, for those of you that know what the last year or so of our lives have been like…