Cancer and Breasts and Doctors and Stuff

Today I was at my oncologist’s office today for my 6 month checkup and all looked good! That said, I haven’t totally exhaled yet…

The reason I haven’t exhaled this time because cancer just totally sucks. It scares you to your core. You have anxiety around every appointment. And anytime you have an ache or pain, your head immediately goes to, “Did cancer come back?” I have several friends currently in treatment. Friends on medicine for the next 10 years. Friends that are stage IV. Family that starts chemo and radiation again tomorrow. It all makes my heart hurt.

It is also breast cancer awareness month. Y’all, I’m not going to sugar coat this one. Just please do your freaking breast exams. Put your hands on your breasts and get to know them – all the lumps and bumps – so you know what is normal for you and what is not. And not just this month, every month. Know what your breasts feel like before your period, during your period and after your period. Want a step-by-step? Check out BreastCancer.org – The Five Steps of a Breast Self-Exam.

Men, do it too (minus the period thing) and please check your balls while you are at it.

Ladies, go get your mammograms. It’s not that hard… call your doctor and schedule it. Then actually go. Yes your breasts are squished, but really, it doesn’t hurt. It’s only uncomfortable for a few minutes. As scared as you may be, it’s better to know and get something checked out and treated than to let it grow and have no idea. Need encouragement, just send me a message and I’m there for you. Live close by? I’ll go with you. Just do it. Please.

Know your body. If something feels off, be your own best advocate. Early detection is crucial with breast cancer.

Want to do your self breast exam, get your mammogram and help others? Check out Metavivor.org. There currently is no cure for stage 4 (when cancer spreads outside the breast) and there are no lifelong treatment options either. There desperately needs to be and we need our money going toward funding more research. At Metavivor – 100% of your donation goes toward supporting grants for metastatic (stage 4) breast cancer research

When you see all the pink, including me totally bald, cancer growing in my right breast, with that pink wig on above (thank you friends in VT!) let it be a reminder to do your self breast exam and schedule your mammogram – it just might save your life.

Much love and much truth,

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