Sunrise and Dog Vomit

We’ve been in NC this week and loving every minute of it. From the state fair to hanging with family and celebrating birthdays.

Every morning while we are there, the sun rises over the river and the bright light shimmering through the window wakes me up enough to barely crack an eyelid open and realize that it is indeed rising. To which I promptly think about taking a picture of it as I roll over, pull the pillow over my head and go back to sleep.

Sleep. Can we just take a moment to talk about sleep? Oh glorious sleep. I freaking love to sleep. We have finally hit that stage where our kids sleep in a bit. And y’all, it is absolutely magical. Mama’s with littles, I’m looking at you. I see you and your exhaustion and I promise the day will come when those kids will sleep past the devil’s hour of 5 am. Keep the faith.

However much my love of sleep, that sunrise kept calling to me for the last few days. I wanted to see it. To see that beautiful sun rise up over the trees and water. But sleep kept calling to me louder.

Until something even louder spoke to me.

Nothing will wake you up with a jolt and cause you to absolutely launch yourself out of the bed (like someone shot you from a cannon) faster than the unmistakable sound of a dog getting ready to vomit. Dog people, hear me roar – you know that sound. All. Too. Well. Usually, in your highly alert yet sleepy stupor, there’s a curse word (or two or three) mumbled, instantly followed by a simultaneous prayer, consisting of something like “oh please, please please, please, please don’t let it be on the carpet or the rug!” And when you round the corner and the DVG’s (you know, the dog vomit gods) have graced you by guiding that sweet hacking pooch over to the tile floor, you almost fall to your knees (but you don’t because, ew, vomit) in thanks as you breathe out that giant sigh of relief. The next half second you are contemplating whether to clean it up first or get that dog outside. This is all within a span of 5-10 seconds, mind you.

Welcome to my morning.

But you know what? As I cleaned up and took the dog out, I realized the sun was just about to rise over the water. So Daisy and I made our way back into the quiet house, I made some coffee and she and I went out on the deck and watched that sunrise in the cool autumn air. There were sailboats parked over night in the river, right in front of our house and the picture above doesn’t do all of the beauty of the morning enough justice.

It turned out to be an absolutely lovely morning. I saw the sunrise over the water. I had an hour of much needed me-time before everyone else stirred and our busy day began. Me-time doesn’t occur very often when you are a homeschooling mom. So that, in and of itself, was worth getting up a bit earlier.

So Daisy (the dog), thank you for eating all of that grass yesterday. The universe knew I wanted to see the sunrise and since my sleepy self wouldn’t do it on my own, the universe gave it to me. Maybe not in the way I would have wanted or expected, but it did.

I can get caught up in negativity just as much as anyone. But I am trying not to. And that takes actively looking for the positive. The dog puked and that sucked. But, more than likely, I would have missed yet another sunrise if she hadn’t.

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