Camp Kesem

This past week, our eldest is at Camp Kesem. And it’s not just any camp, it is a camp only for kids whose parents have been affected by cancer. Whether their parent(s) have had cancer in the past, currently going through treatment or have passed on from cancer – these kids have all been through some really really tough times.

I found a pamphlet on Camp Kesem at my doctor’s office one day and just broke down and cried when I read about this camp. Because it is a beautiful thing for all of these kids. When I showed it to the kids, my eldest really wanted to go. The one thing she always said to me when I was going through treatment was, “I feel like I am the only one of my friends whose mom has cancer.” Ever felt like you are the only one feeling a certain way? It’s lonely and it sucks. And when you find that person or other people who have been through the same thing as you, you can connect and understand each other on a level that others cannot.

So finally this year, she’s there. I have no idea whether she is loving it or hating it – but I know this much, there’s a lot of love there this week.

See this photo above? Know what they are doing? They are throwing water balloons at the word “CANCER” written in chalk. Together. All of them.

Goodness, y’all. My whole heart. I may have full on ugly-cried when I saw this picture posted.

What an amazing gift this camp and these college kids are giving our kids.

The gift of understanding what they went through.
The gift of not feeling alone.
And the gift of healing.


Much love,

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