In this Moment

To our sweet friends,

In this moment holds one of the most amazing and surreal moments you’ll experience on to earth. A baby girl on the way. I’m sure there’s a good bit of nerves and a new mama probably in a little bit or a whole heckuva lot of pain right now.

And as I’m over here tucked in our little corner of the world, looking at my teenager’s room, I can’t help but get a little emotional.

Your sweet girl. She isn’t going to be who or what you expect her to be. Because she is her own person. Yes, genetically made up of mom and dad, but her features, her temperament, her outlook on life are all her own. Though you’ll see reflections of yourselves in her, she is unique and amazing and wonderful. And in the coming days, you will hold her and look at her with so much wonder and amazement and love that you feel like your heart might explode. She will love you and surprise you and frustrate you from this point forward. But your love for her will not waiver. It will only grow stronger with time.

As will the reality that nothing is perfect. And that imperfection is what is so real and beautiful and amazing. That forgiveness is real. That relationships take constant work and communication. That sleepless nights are really freaking hard. But you wouldn’t want anyone else in this world doing this job for you. (Okay, so maybe sometimes you will, just for a little bit though..).

As a parent you learn perseverance. How to persevere when times get hard. How to laugh at yourself. How to accept that there is no book on parenting and you will just do the best you can. How to get through tough days and weeks. And how to laugh and smile like you never have before. How to love like nothing you have ever known in your life up until this point. And how to figure things out on the fly.

(Such as, where do you even start cleaning when there is puke on the baby, on you, the floor, the dog and a blowout diaper?? And you laugh or cry or both and wonder where in the hell in the parenting book this little nugget could be hidden. Ps – it’s in the section of “Just do the best you can and its okay to cut the onesie off the baby with scissors and then fall asleep in a shirt covered in spit up and boogers.” )

Life is messy. Relationships are messy. Babies and kids are messy. But it’s in those messes that you find the most growth and the most beauty in this life. That worldly possessions don’t matter, but the time spent with each other matters the most.

So sweet friends, we are sending all of our love to you right now. And giving our teen and tween big hugs as we think back on the days of their births. (Even though they are currently rolling their eyes as hard as they possibly can at their emotional mama.) But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Much love and we cannot wait to meet her!

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