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    Breast Cancer, Life & Parenting

    The Love Challenge

    It’s been all over Facebook recently, the “Love” challenges. Love your spouse, love your family, love your friends, love your dog. And when I had friends who reached out to me, I…

  • circleTheory
    Breast Cancer, New Beginnings

    The Circle Theory

    Helpful advice when a loved one or close friend is diagnosed with cancer. When I was going through treatment for cancer, I was extremely fortunate to have such an amazing support network.…

  • boobs1
    Breast Cancer, New Beginnings

    The Other Tit

    No, there’s not a third boob laying around here. I’m talking about my other boob, my left breast, the one without cancer. In a past blog post, I touched on the fact…

  • CarisaShanBald
    Breast Cancer, New Beginnings

    The Difference in a Year

    I opened Facebook today and was greeted by “Your Memories On Facebook – your post from one year ago.” If I’m being totally honest, sometimes those “memories” are really hard. When you’ve…

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    Breast Cancer

    Friendly Reminder

    So today I had a check up with my breast surgeon. Every six months I’m back in her office. She examines my chest, arms, lymph nodes and scars. We talk about what’s…

  • Loved our time painting with the kiddos today!! Keep on creating!!! #creativelife #findyourjoy #homeschool #love
    Breast Cancer, Life & Parenting, New Beginnings

    Just Try

    Seems like it’s longer and longer between blog posts. Recently my head has been spinning with new ideas for card designs, schooling the kids and reconnecting with my roots in drawing, painting…

  • shanHawk
    Breast Cancer, New Beginnings

    Hawk Hair

    Losing your hair is one of the most obvious outward and physical signs that you are going through chemotherapy. Some struggle with the hair loss, some don’t. But when it starts grows…

  • Lots of Drugs - Feeling Hungover - Can't Remember the Weekend
    Breast Cancer, New Beginnings

    Chemo Cards are Here!

    It’s been a busy few weeks with the kids and designing and I think we’ve stumbled into something I feel really great about. In creating these greeting cards, I truly want part…

  • Breast Cancer

    One Year Ago Today…

    One year ago today (early morning on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving) I was at Martha Jefferson Hospital undergoing a surgical biopsy of my right breast. Mom and Dad were here to hang…