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    Birthdays and cell phones!

    Happy Birthday to this wonderful 12 year old!!! She may be just a little excited to get a phone… A video posted by Shannon Cox (@sjkted) on Aug 30, 2016 at 4:35pm…

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    As a friend of mine is walking into her first chemotherapy infusion today, it’s got me thinking about courage. See, it takes courage to walk into chemo. Even though that chemo is…

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    Breast Cancer, Life & Parenting

    The Love Challenge

    It’s been all over Facebook recently, the “Love” challenges. Love your spouse, love your family, love your friends, love your dog. And when I had friends who reached out to me, I…

  • Loved our time painting with the kiddos today!! Keep on creating!!! #creativelife #findyourjoy #homeschool #love
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    Just Try

    Seems like it’s longer and longer between blog posts. Recently my head has been spinning with new ideas for card designs, schooling the kids and reconnecting with my roots in drawing, painting…

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    Oh Santa

    It’s been one of those days. More specifically, the day one of your kids confirms that Santa isn’t real. My nine year old learned this past summer that Santa isn’t real. He…

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    The “Holey” Ones

    Holy? No, no, not the Pope and such, but seashells. “Holey”, then. I like the holey ones. You know the ones, the seashells with holes. And not just the shells with one…

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    Let’s Play

    A conversation with a sweet friend of mine a few weeks ago really stuck with me and has me thinking. She said that adults don’t play enough. We lose our mobility and…

  • Breast Cancer, Life & Parenting

    We Made It!

    In December of last year, I’m as sick as I’ve ever been, laying in bed and scrolling through Facebook. As I’m scrolling, two bands that I adore post that they are playing…

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    From Where I Stand #fwis

    If you’ve been on Instagram, then you have probably seen the hashtag #fromWhereIStand or #fwis and LOTS of photos of feet all over the world. There is something intriguing about the stories…